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Who are We?

Welcome to Bee Digital, a premier digital marketing coaching institute committed to empowering aspiring marketers with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the dynamic world of online marketing. Founded by the esteemed digital marketing agency BeeDigital.in (formerly known as Galaxy W3 Technologies), Bee Digital stands as an extension of our expertise, experience, and dedication to shaping the future leaders of the digital landscape.

    Industry Expertise

    Benefit from the knowledge and insights of industry experts. Our courses are developed and delivered by seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience in the digital marketing domain. Learn from the best to become the best.

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our training programs encompass a wide spectrum of digital marketing disciplines. From SEO and SEM to social media marketing, content creation, analytics, and beyond, our comprehensive curriculum ensures you gain expertise across multiple areas crucial for success in the field.

    Practical Learning Approach

    Theory meets practice at BeeDigital. We emphasize hands-on learning, providing real-world projects, case studies, and simulations that enable you to apply your knowledge in practical scenarios, ensuring you're job-ready from day one.

    Live Projects and Mentorship

    Get the opportunity to work on live projects and campaigns under the guidance of industry mentors. Gain invaluable insights, practical tips, and personalized feedback to refine your skills and boost your confidence.

    Career Support and Placement Assistance

    We're committed to your success. Benefit from our career support services, which include resume building, interview preparation, and placement assistance. We aim to help you kickstart or advance your career in digital marketing.

    Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies

    Stay ahead in the digital landscape by learning to leverage the latest tools and technologies used in the industry. Gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art software and platforms that professionals use daily.

    Why BeeDigital ?

    At BeeDigital, we don’t just offer a course; we provide a transformative learning experience designed to equip you with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Here’s why BeeDigital stands out as the ultimate choice for your digital marketing training:

    Master digital marketing skills with expert-led coaching.

    “Supercharge your marketing game with agency-backed coaching. Take action now for unparalleled success. Enroll now for expert-led guidance and propel your success in digital marketing!”

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    Short Term Courses

    Master Tools

    One Program, 16 Certifications

    Elevate your career with BeeDigital's Digital Marketing Course Certificate. This industry-recognized certification signifies your expertise in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Acquire practical skills in SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and more, and demonstrate your proficiency to employers and clients. Enrich your professional portfolio, boost your credibility, and open doors to exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Join us in transforming your passion for digital marketing into a certified skill set that sets you apart.

    6 Google Ads Certifications

    3 Hubspot Certifications

    6 Precious Certifications

    Digital Marketing Specialist/Manager

    Roles in digital marketing involve strategizing, executing, and managing online marketing campaigns across various platforms such as social media, search engines, email, and more. Responsibilities might include SEO/SEM, content creation, social media management, analytics, and campaign optimization.

    Social Media Manager

    This role focuses on managing and developing a brand's presence across social media platforms. Tasks involve content creation, community engagement, running ad campaigns, and analyzing performance metrics.

    Content Marketer/Content Strategist:

    Content marketers create and oversee content strategies for brands, producing engaging and relevant content for websites, blogs, social media, and other digital platforms. Skills in storytelling, writing, and understanding audience behavior are essential.

    SEO Specialist/Analyst

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists optimize websites to rank higher in search engine results. Their tasks involve keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO, and analyzing website performance metrics.

    PPC Specialist/Manager

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialists manage online advertising campaigns. They create, optimize, and analyze paid campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media advertising, etc., to drive traffic and conversions.

    PPC Specialist/Manager

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialists manage online advertising campaigns. They create, optimize, and analyze paid campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media advertising, etc., to drive traffic and conversions.

    Digital Analytics Manager

    These professionals focus on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from various digital marketing channels to provide insights and recommendations for optimizing campaigns and strategies.

    E-commerce Specialist

    Involves managing and optimizing the digital presence of e-commerce platforms, overseeing product listings, improving user experience, and implementing strategies to drive online sales.

    Inbound Marketing Manager

    Inbound marketers attract, engage, and delight customers through content and experiences tailored to their needs. They focus on strategies like content marketing, SEO, social media, and lead nurturing.

    What You'll Learn


    Both undergraduates and postgraduates who want to enhance their skill set and increase their employability in a highly competitive job market can opt for digital marketing courses.

    Marketing Professionals

    Traditional marketers looking to transition or upgrade their skills to the digital landscape can benefit greatly from digital marketing courses. This includes professionals in advertising, PR, market research, and related fields.


    Freelancers, such as content writers, graphic designers, web developers, and others, can expand their service offerings by adding digital marketing skills to their repertoire, allowing them to offer comprehensive solutions to clients.

    Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

    Individuals running their own businesses or startups can learn how to leverage digital marketing to promote their products or services effectively, reaching a wider audience and boosting sales.

    Career Changers

    People looking to switch careers and enter the field of marketing or specifically digital marketing can enroll in these courses to gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

    Small Business Owners

    Owners of small businesses or local enterprises can benefit from understanding digital marketing tactics to effectively market their products or services within their community or online.

    Professionals Seeking Career Growth

    Professionals seeking career advancement or growth within their current organizations can gain an edge by acquiring digital marketing skills, allowing them to take on roles with greater responsibilities.

    Sales Professionals

    Salespeople interested in understanding digital marketing concepts can use this knowledge to improve their sales strategies and connect better with potential customers online.

    Sales Professionals

    Salespeople interested in understanding digital marketing concepts can use this knowledge to improve their sales strategies and connect better with potential customers online.

    Who Can Join?

    Digital marketing courses are open to a wide range of individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge and expertise in the field of online marketing. Here’s a list of people who can benefit from enrolling in digital marketing courses:

    Excellent 4.9 of 5 stars rating

    Based on 5,000+ real users reviews

    Beedigital's Advance Digital Marketing Course exceeded my expectations! The course structure is well-organized, covering every aspect of digital marketing. The instructors' expertise and the practical assignments were instrumental in boosting my confidence and skill set
    khushi patel
    Marketing performance analysis
    Beedigital's Advance Digital Marketing Course is a must for anyone serious about excelling in the digital marketing field. The instructors' depth of knowledge and engaging teaching style made complex topics easy to grasp. I felt equipped and empowered upon completing the course
    sabina shaikh
    SEM Executive
    Bee Digital is the Best Digital Marketing coaching class in thane. They focus on providing practical knowledge rather than theoretical coaching. What I liked the most is they let us work on live projects.
    Shivam yadav
    Content Writer
    "I can't recommend Beedigital's Advance Digital Marketing Course enough! The course content is up-to-date and relevant. The instructors' guidance, coupled with practical projects, provided me with a holistic understanding of digital marketing concepts that I can apply confidently."
    Feroz Shaikh
    Digital advertising
    Their concept of teaching is very easy and good staff is cooperative .Every small question is addressed properly as well as well explained from basics.
    nirmal yadav
    Digital Analyst
    Enrolling in Beedigital's Advance Digital Marketing Course was the best decision. The curriculum is comprehensive, and the instructors are exceptional. The hands-on approach to learning allowed me to implement strategies directly into my work, resulting in immediate improvements.
    Iram Khan
    Google Ads manager
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